Accomplishments of May 2020

The Month of May has been for me, a month of many changes and accomplishments. First, having both of my kids at home; and being able to home school them because of the pandemic. For me it was a challenge, since I have a 4-year-old that is in Pre-K and a 6-year-old son who is in Kindergarten. Plus, my husband and I have been working because we are essential workers. Not easy at all, but I am so glad and proud that we accomplished everything. I’m being honest it was exhausting, but at the end you see all the things that you did and it’s like Wow! I did it and we did it!

But that was not the only thing that happened on the Month of May. I had to resign my job because of personal reasons. At the beginning I was so upset because I really liked my job and it was an additional income. After a couple of days of thinking about the reasons for me to resign, it became clear that it was the right choice at this time in my life. I did resign. On the other hand, I am so grateful with the opportunity that I had and the wonderful co-workers that I got to work with.

While in the process of making the decision of resigning and writing the letter, since January, I had the thought about starting my own blog. That was the beginning of me gathering ideas to have my own blog.  I started the planning process and began looking for names. After a couple of weeks looking, searching, and thinking about names and checking if the domain was available, I finally chose the name “The Stella Lux” which means The Star Light in Latin.

In the end, I was kind of sad about leaving my job, but at the same time I was so excited about my new adventure in the blogging world. And here I am!

So follow me through this amazing journey!


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