3 Great Building Toys for Kids

3 Great Building Toys for Kids

Being at home with two kids is not easy at all. I have a 4-year-old daughter and a 6-year-old son. Trying to keep them occupied so they can use that energy was my everyday goal. As well, I try to let them play with toys that will benefit them in the future. I was looking for options for toys that could help them with their motor skills and in other areas. I found my 3 best building toys for kids.

1. The Creative Flakes

This toy comes with 600 disc flakes, a case for easy carrying, helpful instructions, and ideas for educational play. It promotes spatial thinking and fine motor skills. It is recommended for kids over 3-years-old. I am so happy that my sister got this toy for my kids; they have been playing with it almost every day. Yay! They really enjoy playing and creating things.

Here is the link for The Creative Flakes.

2. Magblocks

Another must-have building toy is definitely the Magblocks. It comes with 103 pieces of different shapes made with round edges for safety, and magnets. This toy also comes with a case making it very easy to carry and/or storage; and a book for building inspiration. This allows maximum creativity and building structures. It is perfect for learning color matching, patterns, shape identification, and building techniques. My kids and I are in love with this toy. It has helped both of them for identification shapes and patterns. Wow!

Here is the link for the Magblocks.

3. Legos

Additional building toys that we all enjoy are Legos. Legos have been in the market for years and are so fun to play.  Even teenagers and adults enjoy getting the different sets that are in the market and building them. Legos are perfect for developing small motor skills and constructive problem-solving. The set that my kids have comes with 213 pieces and a suitcase, for easy storing and carrying.

Here is the link for the Legos.

Happy building!


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  1. whatdoesmammasay says:

    I love Lego. I had Lego when I was young and now my son has started building his collection of Lego blocks.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thestellalux says:

      Me too! That is amazing. My son is obsessed with them.


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