Accomplishments of June 2020

The month of June was another challenging month for me. I had to be by myself and the kids the entire month because; my husband was at a training. It was not easy! Taking care of the kids, managing college, plus the blogging. But hey! I did it! And I’m so proud of myself. Also, it was my 28th birthday. Woohoo! I did celebrate it with my kids and made a Keto Cheesecake. I have a blog post titled Keto Cheesecake, where I shared the recipe. It is so delicious and my kids definitely approved it.

It was a small birthday but a really nice one. Even some of my coworkers from my previous job visited me. That was very nice of them and I’m very thankful. I went to the Garden of the Gods with the kids. I wrote a blog post where I share 5 Things to do at The Garden of the Gods. It is an incredible place!

Another place that we went to was Fountain Creek Regional Park in Colorado. It was very nice. My kids and I enjoyed the lake, played and run. We had a wonderful time there.

We also did some crafts and played a lot. I even found 3 Great Building Toys for Kids that we are obsessed with. Check out my blog to know which toys they are. They are great for learning and helping kids with motor skills.

With blogging I still have to get out of my comfort zone; but I did some things in the month of June that challenge me, and they worked. Yay! I joined a couple of groups, in Facebook and Instagram, those have being super helpful for me. I even meet some amazing people through the groups. So getting out of my comfort zone is definitely a goal for the upcoming months.

Lastly, I finally decided to re-brand my previous business. So stay tuned for that! I currently have so many ideas for my blogs and for what I’m doing.  

See you next time!


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