Quail Lake Park Experience

A couple of weeks ago we went to the Quail Lake Park in Colorado Springs, Colorado to go fishing. It is beautiful there! When we arrived, it started raining a little, but then I was glad it stopped. Yay! I don’t know why every time I go to an outdoor place to explore and visit it starts raining. Oh well! At least, it stopped raining so high five for that. After walking a bit, we found a good spot for fishing. The lake was not crowded at that time, which was perfect. Especially with the current circumstances of social distancing .

My husband bought a set of fishing rod for our kids; they were so excited. My son did great and even my daughter gave it a try. Both of them enjoyed every moment. I even gave fishing a try too!

There were other people fishing, kayaking, and doing paddle boarding. Paddle boarding looks super cool, but at the same time kind of difficult. Personally, I haven’t tried it yet. We will see how it goes once I get the courage to try paddle boarding. LOL!

There is a wonderful level trail beside the lake where you can walk, hike, ride your bike, jog or run.

We went to this lake in the morning, on a weekday and that was the best time; since parking spaces are limited. If you decide to visit I encourage you to do the same, arrive early on a weekday, that way the lake is not crowded and you can easily find a parking spot.

In the end, we did not catch any fishes, but that is ok. The important thing is that we had a great time and we all enjoyed it.

Quail Lake Park is definitely a great spot to spend the day, breathe fresh air, and just relax. It’s also a great park for a workout or just to enjoy nature and have some peaceful time. If you want to see more about this place, I made a YouTube Video for My “The Stella Lux” Channel, here is the link. Also, make sure to subscribe, that way every time I post a new video you will receive a notification.

Happy Fishing!


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