Accomplishments of July 2020

The month of July was filled with many accomplishments. I am extremely proud that I learned a variety of new things here in Colorado. Let me tell you all about it!

Family: At the beginning of July, my family and I went to Fort Carson in Colorado to celebrate the 4th of July. There, we were able to watch a fireworks show, which was amazing. My kids were so thrilled and had a great time!

Exercise: You all know that exercise is part of my daily routine. It helps me stay energized throughout the day, keeps me active, and helps me get closer to my fitness goal. I love learning about new techniques and types of equipment that I can incorporate into my workouts. During this time, I found out about the Agility Ladder. This incredible tool has so many benefits and what’s even better is that it’s very affordable; so for me, that’s a win! The Agility Ladder can be used in numerous ways and for any fitness goals. Check out my recent blog post where I talk all about the Agility Ladder Benefits!

Baking: Since we are talking about active living, I wanted to share a Keto friendly recipe that I love! This recipe for Keto Mini Donuts. is my go to when I’m craving something sweet. Yes, Keto donuts! They are super simple to make and so delicious. Check out my blog post to get the FREE Printable Recipe Card to make these delicious treats. Woohoo!

Money Saving App: Have you heard of Ibotta? This app can help you earn money every time you buy groceries, clothing items, and even home décor. Amazing right! Being able to earn money every time you go shopping in-store or online is such a great perk. Some of the stores that participate through the Ibotta App include: Walmart, Target, Sephora, and many more. Best of all, this app is completely FREE! To know more about Ibotta, check out my blog post about A Money Earning APP. There, I give you a Step by Step guide on how to get started! Let’s start saving!

Outdoor: Around mid July, my family and I went fishing at Quail Lake Park here in Colorado. We really enjoyed our time there and the views were spectacular! Getting some fresh air and just having a relaxing time with family was so much fun. Quail Lake was an incredible spot to take my kids and they had a blast! Check out my blog post where I talk all about my Quail Lake Park Experience.

Youtube Channel: I’m so excited to announce that I have started to post some videos on My YouTube Channel. Yay! Starting this channel took a lot of confidence and I am incredibly proud of myself for persevering despite my language barrier; since my first language is Spanish. After challenging myself, staying optimistic, and investing time into my business; I did it! After posting my first video, I felt so accomplished and inspired. This new experience has helped me step out of my comfort zone and feel more confident about myself. I posted an introduction about me, several product reviews, and even some at- home workouts. So check it out! Also, make sure to subscribe to my Youtube Channel that way every time I post a new video you are notified.

Positive Pep: If you have been thinking about a project or goal that you want to get started, but have kept it on hold, I encourage you to take that first step! Do it today! I’m telling you it will feel amazing in the end. Don’t sweat the small things, DREAM BIG AND STAY POSITIVE! The most important part of the process is that YOU took that first step. You can do it! What do you want to accomplish? Remember, Success is a Ladder, Keep Climbing!

See you next time!


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