Keto Coffee

Time is going by so fast; fall is already around the corner. Here in Colorado, there are still days that are really hot but that will change soon for sure. Every morning when I wake up I like to drink coffee or any time of the day. Who doesn’t like coffee? Sometimes I drink it hot and other times cold; it depends on the mood and I would say the season too. I like to try different flavors, so for me coming up with a recipe that only includes two ingredients to make your coffee into any flavor was a win-win.

I also want to mention that this recipe is Keto-Friendly. Woohoo! The reality is that there are many people eating Keto-Friendly foods, or just living a low carb diet.  So if you are into a low-carb lifestyle or just want to try something different this recipe is definitely for you. A couple of weeks ago I shared this recipe on my social media stories and received lots of messages. So here I am sharing the recipe with you. It is easy to make, delicious and it can be made hot or cold.

In the end, make sure to download your FREE Recipe Card that I made easy to print and to keep.

First, you make any desired coffee. I used my Mr. Coffee coffee maker; I like it because it makes the coffee fast and it is easy to clean. If you want the coffee hot just use it straight from the coffee maker. And if cold then put it in the refrigerator for a couple of minutes before adding the other ingredients.

Then add the Heavy Whipping Cream and stevia or desired sweetener.

Next, add the vanilla extract; I used the Watkins Baking Vanilla; it is so rich and delicious. And I then added ground cinnamon. These two ingredients are to ones that I mentioned previously that you can change to make the coffee any flavor. You can use any extract and/or ground spice.  For example add almond extract and ground cinnamon, or vanilla extract and pumpkin spice for a more fall seasonal coffee flavor. This is what I love so much about this recipe. So if you make a different flavor share it with me; I will love to know.

If you want it cold, after leaving the coffee a couple of minutes in the refrigerator; then add all the ingredients, plus ice and mix well.

I made a video on my YouTube Channel, where I show how I made this delicious Keto Coffee, here is the link. Make sure to subscribe, that way every time I post a new video you are going to receive a notification.

Recipe Card

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