A Must-Have Educational Workbook for Kids

This year has been one of many challenges and changes; from having to balance school and work from home to even have to wear a mask everywhere you go. I know there are a lot of moms out there doing virtual learning and is not easy at all. I did it for my kids and it can be a struggle. Being able to understand the lessons, how they are teaching it, what to do when your son or daughter doesn’t comprehend something. I’m telling you; I completely understand! I know that it can be stressful sometimes too. Here I’m going to be sharing the workbook that helped me a lot; it doesn’t matter if you are part of the virtual learning programs or not. This workbook is extremely helpful for any kid.

The Brain Quest Workbooks have been so useful. What I love about these books is that they come by grade, with curriculum-based activities, exercises, and educational games in every subject. It definitely reinforces what my kids are learning in the classroom or in virtual learning. It is easy to follow and the explanations make learning fun, interactive, and concrete. It comes for kids that are from Pre-K to 6th grade. I have the Pre-K Workbook for my daughter and the 1st Grade Workbook for my son.

My daughter’s Brain Quest Workbook includes the ABCs, 123s, tracing letters, mazes, shapes, colors, beginning sounds, sorting, matching, and much more. She loves her workbook for sure and enjoys doing all the activities and getting stickers; that are included. My daughter has been struggling with writing letters and identifying numbers; with this book, she has been able to practice writing every day and identifies them as well. This workbook also has a cute certificate in the back when finishing all the activities. Incredible!

For my son, who is in 1st grade, has been struggling with the reading lessons. His Brain Quest Workbook includes phonics, spelling, vocabulary words, find the rhyme, addition, subtraction, maps, science, and much more. My son sometimes can be a little stubborn 🙂 when practicing reading; that is the reality. But thanks for this book and all the illustrations it’s been a completely different story. He really enjoys it. Isn’t that great?

These books have been extremely helpful for both of my kids. I have seen their improvements academically in their lessons and I’m really happy and proud. So if you are looking for fun ways for your kids to learn these are definitely essential.

Happy learning!


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