Visiting The Helen Hunt Falls

A couple of weeks ago we went to the Helen Hunt Falls located in North Cheyenne Cañon Park in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It has a 1/3 mile trail with a 200 ft. of elevation and an amazing 35-foot waterfall. This place is named in memory of Helen Maria Hunt Jackson, who lived in the 1800s. She was a poet, writer, and activist for Native American rights.

Before arriving, what I loved about the drive was that there are a couple of spots where you can park and just relax there, before getting to the main part of the park. There are lots of picnic tables already set-up; perfect for spending the day, just relaxing and enjoying nature. We stoped in one of the spots and there was a beautiful brick bridge. The water sound through the rocks is amazing and relaxing, plus the smell of the pine trees is incredible.

After we spent some time enjoying the initial views, we went to the main waterfall. When arriving there the first thing you see is a sign with useful and historic information about the place. Just a couple of steps from there you are able to see the waterfall. You definitely don’t have to walk a lot to be able to see it; just park and there it is. If you are not able to hike, because of any health problems, or just don’t want to walk a lot, you can absolutely just park and enjoy the waterfall from the parking lot or the visitor center. This makes this waterfall accessible to anyone.

In the main entrance of the park includes a map and a convenient QR Code for you; just take a picture and will lead you to a web page with all the trails and routes. This place is filled with trails, making it perfect for hikes, walks, to enjoy the fresh air and of course the incredible views. Woohoo!

The sound of the water and nature together is wonderful and so soothing. If you walk a little more you will find some brick stairs that lead to a bridge that is exactly on top of the waterfall. It is incredible! When getting up there the views are breathtaking. Just wow!

There are many trails around the area, like I mentioned before, and these are well maintained; without a doubt, everything is very clean. Even the water was just crystal clear and cold.

It is important to mention that this place is FREE admission, open all year round; family-friendly, and even pets are welcome too. We had an incredible experience at the Helen Hunt Falls and without a doubt, will be going again. My kids were so excited; they walked, ran, and played with the water.

It is a popular place for locals and tourists, so next time you come to visit Colorado make sure to visit the Helen Hunt Falls; you are going to love it!

I also made a video for My YouTube Channel about the Helen Hunt Falls Experience, here is the link. Check it out!

Happy traveling!


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