An Educational Spanish Website For Kids

If you didn’t know I am originally from Puerto Rico, meaning that my first language is Spanish. I have two kids, so for me teaching them my native Spanish language is one of my goals; for both of them to be able to speak it and understand it. Having a Spanish website that encourages kids to explore and learn through playing is awesome. I’m so happy and excited to be sharing this special post with all of you. It’s very important to mention that this website is an amazing one, it’s not only for kids or adults that know Spanish but for anyone who wants to learn Spanish as well.

This website was created by one of my sisters, her experience as a teacher inspired her to create this incredible website for kids to learn and explore different places around the world. The website is Avenke. The word/term Avenke is a blend of two words. “Aven” = adventure in Latin and “ke” = land/ground in the native Taino language, so Avenke = adventures through the land/ground. The main concept in Avenke is about a small Puerto Rican frog that is called “Coquí” that visits many places around the world and sends different packages by mail. All the packages contain interactive, fun and educational items.

On the website, there are many free games for your kids or even adults to play. Super fun and I assure you that you will learn with all of the activities.

Their main package is inspired by Puerto Rico, it includes an airplane ticket that has a special code for an exclusive web page with facts, games, items and, much more. It also comes with a passport, a unique stamp, a postcard and, a variety of other exclusive products. The stamp and the postal card are collection items. Love it! I made a video to reveal the unboxing, check it out.

This package is certainly full of cute goodies. It came with a bracelet, some jacks, a notebook with a special invisible ink pen, a backpack and, more. The quality of the products are amazing and everything that is included is family friendly. Something cute and unique that I found about this package is that it also included a digital certificate, which can be printed out, welcoming any kid or adult to the Adventures of the “Coquí Explorador”. This is, without a doubt, an incredible idea to encourage kids to learn and explore.

The second package that is currently on their website is a super cute one inspired by the State of Colorado. It includes a letter from the “Coquí Explorador”, an airplane ticket with an exclusive code for a web page that is full of facts, games and, activities, a unique postcard and a stamp.

My kids have been having so much fun with all of the activities. Since we got the passport from their Main Package we can put the stamps on it and collect them. We can’t wait to be adding more for sure…

Coming soon: more packages and letters will become availble, so make sure to check it out HERE IS THE LINK.

Happy learning!


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