Kids Christmas Gift Guide 2020

  1. Plugo Slingshot

The Plugo Slingshot is easy to use, store and, the quality is amazing. Love that benefits spatial reasoning, physical concepts, and enhance hand-eye coordination. You can also make different profiles in their app and select the desired grade level for each child. It is a wonderful addition to learning while playing. 

2. Brain Quest

The Brain Quest Workbooks are beneficial in reinforcing educational lessons. It comes from Pre-K to 6th grade. Each book includes many activities and games that make learning fun. These have been extremely helpful for both of my kids. 

3. Dinosaur Race Car Track

This Dinosaur Race Car Track is easy to assemble, sturdy, and super fun to play. The pieces snap together easily, so my kids can do it by themselves. They can also make different shapes of tracks. 

4. Plugo Letters

The Plugo Letters is such a fun and educational toy for kids. It helps them with language lessons; such as spelling and improves word usage in sentences. As well as, to develop grammar concepts like adjectives, nouns, verbs, and more. Love that you can also make different profiles in their app and select the desired grade level for each child. Definitely, a great educational game to incorporate into your child’s routine.

5. Lego

The Legos Suitcase has been on the market for years and are so fun to play with. Even teenagers and adults enjoy playing with the different sets that are in the market and building them. Legos are perfect for developing small motor skills and constructive problem-solving skills. This set comes with 213 pieces and a suitcase, for easy storing and carrying.

6. Magblocks

MagBlocks comes with 103 pieces of different shapes made with round edges for safety, and magnets. This toy also comes with a case making it very easy to carry and/or storage; and a book for building inspiration. This allows maximum creativity and building structures. It is perfect for learning color matching, patterns, shape identification, and building techniques. 

7. Creative Flakes

The Creative Flakes comes with 600 disc flakes, a case for easy carrying, helpful instructions, and ideas for educational play. It promotes spatial thinking and fine motor skills. It is recommended for kids over 3-years-old. A fun way to play and create things.

8. KidKraft Table

The KidKraft Wood and White Round Table with 2 Chairs Set has a convenient lift up lightweight middle piece where they can put toys in the attached net. It is perfect for kids to sit, play and eat. 

9. Walkie Talkies

These Walkie Talkies are so much fun. They are colorful and the quality is incredible. The sound is very clear, it also has a light, which is very bright. It comes with 3 Walkie Talkies and the price is affordable. My kids love playing with them.

10. Cookiesaurus Rex Book

The Cookisaurus Rex Book is such a fun, colorful, and unique book for my kids. It’s about a Cookie T-Rex that declares himself as the King of All Cookies. He wants to be frosted first and have sprinkles, or shiny stars, or even gumdrops like the other cookies. So that’s when he decides that he wants a do-over. The problem is that he might or might not end up how he wants. It is hilarious! I have never seen a book like this one. So unique! They also have a Christmas Cookiesaurux Rex Book, here is the link.

Happy Shopping!


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