7 Tips On How To Stay On Track During The Holidays

Holidays are just right around the corner. I love this time, where you can enjoy and spend time with family and friends. It is such a wonderful time of the year. But a question that comes up this time of the year is “How Do I Stay on Track During The Holidays?”. Here I’m sharing some tips that would help you stay on track while enjoying the festivities. 

  1. Remember your goals

Remembering which are your goals will help you stay on track. Keep in mind that every step you make is one step closer to your biggest goals. If you truly want to achieve something you would do anything that you can to succeed. 

2. Prepare things in advance

Plan in advance and don’t stress out about anything. It’s a time to enjoy so plan and make time for yourself. By planning ahead, you will make things go smooth and have the ability to be prepared in advance for any situation. 

3. Don’t skip meals

Don’t skip any of your meals and stick to your normal eating schedule. Keep snacks on hand to have something to eat when going out; just in case you are not able to have a meal on time. 

4. Always have healthy snacks on hand

I know the schedule can be crazy sometimes during the Holidays. That is why I encourage you to always carry some protein bars and healthy snacks. Here are some of my favorite ones that I highly recommend: 

5. Treat Yourself

Eating healthy is not boring at all. There are many simple ways that you can healthily treat yourself. Whether it’s cookies, cake, sweets, or anything else, there is always a healthier way. Here are several dessert recipes that I have shared before; which are easy to make and delicious. 

6. Don’t miss a workout

Try to stick to your workout routine and make it a priority. Maybe you don’t have the same time as usual to do your routine, but try at least 40 minutes or an hour to do it or wake up a little earlier. Staying active every day is key!

7. Moderation is key

Enjoy the holidays with moderation, by maintaining your meals clean and getting your workouts done. Most important enjoy yourself! 

Happy Holidays!


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