Measuring Your Fitness Progress

Measuring or tracking your fitness progress allows you to reach and surpass your goals, be healthier, and it helps you stay motivated. There are many ways that you can track or measure your fitness progress such as; apps, plans, pictures, and taking a look in the mirror. 

Many times we measure our fitness progress base on the weight we see on a scale. I’m guilty of doing that, but in reality, that number may be sometimes the same after weeks of following a diet or/and an exercise plan. For me, this has been a struggle that throughout the time I have been able to change that perspective in my mind. If you didn’t know I did have an eating disorder so weighing me constantly was a problem. It was definitely not an easy time for me and I had many struggles. Now, I’m happy, stable and looking forward to my fitness goals. I’m also passionate about helping others to reach their fitness goals. Remember and keep in mind that muscle mass weighs way more than fat and that progress is not measured by a number, instead it’s all about the way you feel. 

Sometimes we compare our progress with others and we should not be doing that. Don’t get side tracked. Every person is different and each journey is unique. Maybe something that works for someone else, doesn’t work for you. It can sometimes be a slow process but even small improvements in your performance and overall health can be rewarding. 

The best way to measure your progress is based on the change you see in the mirror, before and after pictures, recording everything in a journal, how the clothes fit, and how you are feeling. 

  1. Looking In The Mirror

This is a way to see your progress, by looking in the mirror at how you look and how the clothes look on you. 

2. Before And After Pictures

In the beginning, maybe you are feeling kind of shy or ashamed, but don’t lead that get into your mind. Take some pictures from different angles and save them on your phone; believe me later on when comparing them you will definitely see the change. 

3. Record Everything In A Journal

Get a journal that you can carry everywhere and write your why and your goals. Every couple of days reread your goals and adjust them if necessary. Make sure to set realistic goals. You can also write how you are feeling emotionally and physically. 

4. How The Clothes Fit

We are all familair with the way our clothes feel on us, so you know how they fit and feel on your body. Do they fit tight, uncomfortable or loose? By answering this question you will be able to track or measure your fitness progress. 

Measuring the progress is fundamental to see the difference in yourself but what’s most important is how you feel while enjoying the journey. 

Enjoy the journey!


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