6 Tips On How To Motivate Yourself To Workout

Motivation comes and goes, but having the ability to keep it can be a struggle sometimes. Having different reasons on how to motivate yourself is key. Planning, having goals and having the right mindset are some helpful things when it comes to motivation. For me, sometimes I can struggle too, but believe me every day counts and it is a day that takes you closer to your biggest goal. 

There are many benefits that exercising regularly will bring you. Some of those are: 

  • Makes you feel happier, exercising helps your mental health.  
  • Weight loss, fat loss, and muscle building; depending on what your goal is
  • It also increases energy levels and focus
  • Beneficial for sleep quality and relaxation 

Here are 6 tips on how to motivate yourself to workout, that will help you have a healthy lifestyle and that would benefit your overall health. 

  1. Write your goals and look at them often

Writing your goals helps you stay on track to look forward to reaching them. Make them realistic and make adjustments when reaching them if need it. 

2. Buy workout outfits

This may sound silly, but believe me. It doesn’t matter if you do workout at home or at the gym, having some cute workout outfits can be motivating. Here are some of my workout outfits that I love that are super comfortable and affordable. 

3. Plan your workout routine in advance

Plan your exercise routine a week in advance, that way when the day comes you already know what to do. Make it fun and with a variety of exercises. The important thing here is not to have a boring routine but a fun one that you can enjoy and look forward to doing it. Check out my blog My Fitness Routine and Essentials; where I share a FREE Downloadable Weekly Workout Planner

4. Plan out your food for the week

Choose a specific day and plan your meals for the week. Sometimes it can be time-consuming planning or not knowing what to cook or eat. By planning ahead it helps you not only to stay on track but to have something ready. 

5. Listen to a motivating playlist

Make an energetic music playlist to listen to before and while working out. 

6. Track your progress and results

Measure your fitness progress and results. We see ourselves every day so seeing the results can be difficult sometimes. Visit my blog, Measuring Your Fitness Progress; where I share some useful tips on how to track your progress.  

Enjoy the journey!


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