Steps On How To Plan For An Amazing New Year

It’s a New Year to start creating changes, new memories, and accomplishments. The year 2020 was one of many struggles, changes, and challenges for anyone; plus many lessons learned. I’m looking forward to this New Year and to achieve many new goals. Here I’m going to be sharing some steps that you can use to plan for this amazing New Year. In the end, make sure to download the FREE Goal Sheet that you can easily printout to start writing all the goals that you want to accomplish. Yay!!

  1. Learn from the past 

There are many things that we all learn from the past. That is valuabe knowledge that will help us avoid mistakes and improve in many situations. 

2. Let things go

Letting go could be a struggle sometimes, but having to let go not only physically or emotionally would lead to a better outcome. Start by maybe decluttering a room in your house and getting rid of things that don’t give you joy and peace. 

3. Set yearly goals

Setting yearly goals to accomplish throughout the year would help you stay on track. Divide those goals into categories such as health, career, relationships, education, finance, personal growth, and spiritual. Most importantly don’t be afraid to make big goals! Make sure to download my FREE Goal Sheet at the end.

4. Break down your goals

Now that you have those big goals in place; let’s break them down into small goals that would help you reach the big ones. Ask yourself, which or what things do I have to do to reach my big goal?

5. Improve your habits

Make a list of habits that you want to improve or get rid of. And think about the benefits and the outcome that you would have if you improve or change that habit. 

6. Start using a planner or agenda

I always have my planner on hand, because it helps me stay organized. By having a planner or agenda you would have everything that you need to do or remember on hand. 

7. Create a vision board

Create a vision board in your office or your room so that you can visually see your goals. Believe me, this works! I have one and it’s been extremely helpful and motivating. 

8. Review your goals

Set a specific monthly time to review your goals. By doing this it will help you cross out the goals accomplished and improve or make adjustments on the ones that need to be achieved. 

9. Make it happen

Take one day at a time and do a little every day, but most importantly enjoy the journey. 

Goal Sheet

Download the Goal Sheet here:

You got this!


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