Valentine’s Day Gifts For Fitness Lovers 2021

  1. Fitness Supplements

These Fitness Supplements are the best on the market perfect for building muscle, lose fat or/and increase performance. They have a variety of products from IsoPhorm Protein Powder, Pre-Workouts, Vitamin C and more. These would definitely make the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. Check them out! Use code SLUX10 to save.

2. ONE Protein Bars

Instead of chocolates give your love one some One Protein Bars. These are high in proteins with only 1g of sugars. They have a variety of flavors from Almond, Dark Chocolate Sea Salt, White Chocolate, Lemon Cake and more. All of them are so delicious!

3. Venture Water Bottle

This 1 gallon Venture Water Bottle  is so cute and love that it has motivational quotes that will encourage you to drink your water. It is lightweight, portable, and convenient, plus comes in different colors for you to choose. Check it out!

4. Barbell Squad Pad

This Barbell Squat Pad reduces discomfort when using a barbell and allows you to workout longer or increase the weight. It is super thick, made of non-slip rubber-foam and it is easy to assemble.

5. Resistance Bands

The Resistance Bands are anti-slip and durable. The quality is amazing and comes with three different resistance levels; light, medium, and heavy. No matter if your fitness level is a beginner or an advance these resistance bands are perfect for anyone. There are many ways that you can use them; for example, for glutes exercises, thighs, legs, arms, and more. Plus you can take them anywhere since it doesn’t take a lot of space. Yay!

6. Gym Bag

This Gym Bag is so perfect; it has many compartments for easy packaging and viewing. It also has a pocket specifically for sneakers. It is made of polyester material that is lightweight, durable and water resistant. It comes in four different colors, purple, blue, black and gray.

7. Yoga Mat

The Yoga Mat that I use and I highly recommend is a thick one, not only covers the floor when exercising, but it’s designed to prevent injuries that come from slipping, falling, and jumping. 

8. Yoga Pants

These Yoga Pants are incredible! I love them so much! These are super comfortable, stretchy and it has inside and outside pockets that are perfect for the phone or keys. It gives you the support needed without seeing thought, like many other leggings. Perfect for going to the gym, exercising, outdoor, running or any type of exercise.

9. Powerlifting Paddled Belt

This Powerlifting Paddled Belt helps you maintain posture and support your waist when lifting heavy weights. It has a paddling in the back making it comfortable. The material is a leather like and thick making it very durable.

10. Professional Barbell

This Professional Barbell is design for intensive heavy use in fitness, gym or at home gym. It is ideally do power lifts, squat, deadlifts, bench, press and more. It has a nice grip for holding or lifting the bar. There are three different Barbells Capacities the 700lb, 1,00lb and 1,500lb.

Happy Shopping!


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