6 Bad Fitness Habits To Avoid

Not seeing the results after committing to a workout routine for a while can be unsatisfying sometimes. And wondering what should I do differently or alter, but it all comes down to having bad habits. Some good fitness habits are exercising consistently, eating healthy, drinking enough water, and many more. On the contrary, bad fitness habits waste your time and energy that could lead to poor training, injury, and minimal recovery. Here I’m sharing six bad fitness habits that maybe are contributing to not seeing the results and that you can avoid at all causes. 

  1. Not having enough sleep 

Not having enough sleep can lead to the feeling of tiredness, irritability, stress, and even depression. Our bodies need at least 8 hours of sleep to function properly and for proper recovery after working out.

2. Doing too much at once

Do what you can, everyone start somewhere. Push your body to a limit that you know you can, but don’t over-push it. By pushing too hard or not giving your body enough time to recover can make the loss of muscle, injury, and fatigue. When doing strength exercises start with lightweight dumbbells and after having the perfect form and not having any trouble with the current weight; increase the dumbbells’ weight periodically. Fitness takes time, take one day at a time and enjoy the journey.

3. Having poor nutrition

Eating enough and having balanced nutrition will be beneficial to increase muscle tone, growth, and strength, plus avoiding unnecessary weight gain. By consuming a well-balanced diet, full of whole foods, minimal refined products, and a mix of carbs, proteins, fat, and drinking enough water is essential. This will be extremely beneficial for your overall body and health. 

4. Preforming improper form 

Having the proper form when exercising is key; to avoid any type of injury. Many times people ignore this just because they don’t know or because they are feeling rushed during a workout. When having an improper form you can injure tendons and ligaments, something that would be very painful for sure. By ensuring a proper form would help you work out efficiently and have better results when targeting a specific muscle. 

5. Not stretching

Make sure to stretch before and after working out. After working out take time to cool down your body not only this would help prevent injuries but to have a better recovery as well. 

6.Worrying about what other people are doing

Every person is different, so don’t compare yourself to others. Maybe something that works for them doesn’t work for you. Know your body and what works for you while doing something that you enjoy. 

If you did one or more of those six bad fitness habits now you are ready to avoid it at all causes and start seeing the results. 

Ready, set, go!


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